10 Lessons I learnt from the lone bull…

A beautiful lone bull on Nairobi-Mombasa highway...

A beautiful lone bull on Nairobi-Mombasa highway…

I have been told many times that a lone elephant bull is the most dangerous of its species.

Its a chilly Saturday morning with the sun just about to rise in the horizon. We are driving on the Nairobi-Mombasa highway.

Its a somber mood really, nothing of the loud obnoxious jokes that would naturally be in order for my crowd.

There He is. All proud and majestic. Taking a morning leisure walk across the Tsavo. All alone. Without a care in the world.

The 40 ft. Trailer did not scare him, the more than 6 cars slowing down to just view him in all his glory did not deter him. He just walked. Forcing the trailer to come to a sudden stop, the occupants of the cars to shriek in  joy and wonder and admiration as they fumble with their phones trying to capture the best side of him. He did not even make a sign of acknowledging their presence.

Inside my small crummy car, we were so mesmerized. I assure you , we were a tiny speckle in comparison to that magnanimous work of nature. Not to be left behind, I too fumbled with my simple cheap piece of technology of a phone to capture the best side of that glorious beast . It did not matter what we did or what happened this big animal just did not care.

A lot of thoughts started racing in my mind and I kept thinking; where is this animal from? where is the rest of his herd? Is he lonely? Is he hurt? Is he sick? Is he aware of his surroundings? What in Gods beautiful world is he thinking about?

And I suddenly understood why they say the lone bull is presumably the most dangerous one in his species.

He just does not give a f***.

We generally like to be given a f***.

We like it when we are able to push the right buttons and get the desired reaction. Every possible pun intended.

Well with this bull, that wont work. Because nothing you do will threaten him and God Forbid you do succeed in threatening him you will wish the world to open up and a thousand ants to infest your pants  because that would be a better fate than what the bull has in store for you.

I am quiet not because I have nothing to say or that am ignorant of what has been said. I am quiet because I chose to be quiet.


I see it everyday. People are bothered by quiet and silence. People like reaction. The press, the church, the terrorists… everybody wants a reaction. You see when you have an exchange you expose your thought process for scrutinization and counteraction. Silence doesn’t give your friends or foes that luxury and that scares the living daylights out of them.

But Silence gets people uncomfortable. They don’t know whether you like them or not, whether you bought their bullshit or not. Then they are forced to draw out a voice. Sometimes by extending a white flag, but most times by throwing stones.

Like the bull, the silent party is unfazed by the stones thrown or the 40 ft. trailers that come speeding their way, or by bystanders taking in their majestic presence, because they are focused on the path they have taken. That path unfortunately has no allowance for bull shit. The lone bull has bullshit radar and can smell bullshit from a mile away.

That Saturday morning I made a resolve to be like that Lone Bull. Its simple really;

  1. Some time solitude is all you need to get your focus in.
  2. Walk away from all the drama
  3. Maintain silence because its said that it is in silence that we find ourselves.
  4. Call it as it is. When its BS and you know its BS, call it BS and walk away.
  5. You give credit to the labels put on you by reacting to them. Don’t react. People say bad things about you because you threaten them. Let them swim or better still drown in their own imaginations.
  6. Attitude is everything
  7. That Lone Bull can never go to the market carrying supplies for you. People will ride your back if its bent. Don’t permit people to push you around.
  8. Focus is key.
  9. In life journey there will be the threats(40 ft. trucks) and there will be the admirers(the people taking photos) Ignore the former and give the latter a darn good side for their blog.
  10. When Shit hits the fan, take a good swerve at the people coming at you and hit them hard. Do not relent until you know you have beaten the shit right out of them. Literally. Or just figuratively. Whatever rocks your boat. Bottomline get them good.
Arm yourself with truth, courage and facts.

Arm yourself with truth, courage and facts.

I may not yet be the lone bull, but am getting there.

If we had 1 lone bull in every group of 10 people, the world would be a better place to live in. For Sure. I would know.




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