This thing about Complexes

I love writing. I don’t know how but I write. I kid myself that I write when inspired.
I get inspired by a whole load of things.
Today am inspired by pity… And that I find strange.

I find it sad, really sad,  when we qualify our lives by what our friends think of us or by what our friends think we have.
Its amazing how much those things move me personally.
I realized recently that what matters to me as should to you is not how much a person has but how much it is important to them.
Ideally people should be loved for who they are. Not what they have.

That’s the sad thing.
When people feel that they deserve your loyalty or friendship only because they have abit more to spend its just, pitiful.

Friendship is a beautiful thing and I am lucky to have a handful of friends. I am lucky to have people I can rely on. People who challenge me. People who love me for me.

That’s what inspired me today.
I realised that the world is broken.
Her people are broken. They have an emptiness in them that they know not how to fill.
Her people know not what to do with what they have.
Her people have replaced the fundamental of life with silliness and non issues.
Her people have forgotten when to laugh and when to look for allegiance.
Her people know not that life, life is NEVER that serious.

So I got inspired to write about this. About nothing really. Just to write.

In the meantime I hope in Kenya, grass will grow.

Lipstick Notes


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