Matters Friendship…

I have been lucky to grow a little older over the last few years.

I have been tremendously lucky to learn a few lesson in the last few years.

Recently I stumbled on a realization that is pure genius.

Its not what your friends can do for you, sometimes its what you are willing to do for them. Sincerely and genuinely. ~ Janet D.

But Friendship is not just about giving and receiving. its also about relating. I have a whole truckload of friends I assure you. But I can tell you without a single doubt that I have come to know what each of them can do for me when needed.

I have rich friends but I would sooner die of hunger than ask them for a dime, I have middle class friends that I know would move mountains to give me anything I need and I have not so rich friends who would sleep hungry so I can eat. And I love them all the same.

I needed something done for me recently and for the love of the Messiah, I scanned through a list of possibly 25 friends and only came up with three who could accomplish the task. And no that does not mean the other 22 friends are bad or that i love them less, no, far from it. It just means that their time will come.

So Matters friends are delicate, you need to know their boundaries, their capabilities and their weaknesses so you know how you fit into each of their lives. And those who you cannot fit your life’s purpose into theirs you need to probably rethink their friendship.

As always,

Lipstick Notes


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