Of the Will and Atonement…

The beginning of atonement is the sense of its necessity.
Lord Byron

Today I heard such a profound story and thought I should share it.

In fact I heard three stories; of the three stories, this one was more profound. I think.

The story is told of a certain man named Man from a certain Town called A. Man was a very bad man. He had killed 99 people from Town A.

However in his journeys he developed a conscious and all of a sudden he started seeking atonement.

He met a villager who had no o limited knowledge of the religion, let’s call him Y. So Man approaches Y and asks him, “I have killed 99 people in my journeys, however I really want atonement, do you think Allah will forgive me?”

Y, because of his ignorance of religion answers, “ 99 are too many people, that’s too much blood, I don’t think you will ever be forgiven. In fact I am certain you will go straight to hell.”

Man was very incensed and thought to himself if that is the case then, what does it matter if its 99 or 100. So he went ahead and killed Y, bringing his count to 100.

Man continued his walk and just ahead he met another villager. A man who was a scholar in the religion. Let’s call this guy Scholar. So man approaches Scholar and asks him the same question, “I have killed 99 people in my journeys, however I really want atonement, do you think Allah will forgive me?”

Scholar, because of his knowledge of religion answers, “Allah is full of grace and Mercy, there is no amount of sin that he cannot forgive, if you really desire the atonement then he is sure to atone you of your sins. However where did you kill these people?”

Man Answers, “Right here in A”

Scholar then tells him that for him to get atonement Has to travel to the nearby town, B, because the blood of the 99 people will overshadow his request to the most High.
With that Answer, Man sets about his journey to B. without a word of goodbye to either his family or friends. He did not want to waste too much time I presume.

He ran, walked, jogged crawled all the way to B, as fate would have it, just at the border of A and B, Man fell down and died.
Immediately two angels descended, one the Angel sent from Heaven and the other from hell. Each claiming Man as theirs.

Angel of Heaven says, “this man really wanted atonement, he came all the way, it is evidence that he is a good man who felt bad about his ways and wanted to be rid of his sins.”

Angel from Hell says, “Whatever man, this guy did not get to B and even if he did, he had not asked for atonement as yet.”
Allah seeing what is happening sent an angel to come as a judge and decide on the matter. The Angel says, “Let’s measure the distance between where he is from and where he is going.” Being at the border the man was closest to B, hence the angel decreed that his desire for atonement was greater than his capacity to sin at that very moment.

The heart of a man, his will, is most times where the buck stops.

With Love,


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