How Far Would You Go…

Dont be like that.
I know I have been very absent and some of you have emailed me with reprimands  🙂
Blame my absence on the fact that I have to work and I have to grow my career. I however promise to balance my life between my readership and my employer.
I would think that’s fair…right?

So how far would you go? To get what you want? To get that beautiful home, that super speed car, that promotion or that well sculptured man or even that next door neighbour as your wife?
What will you be willing to lay down? Your Life? Your Humanity? Your reason? What?

Its only when you examine your limits that you will know your true self. A human being without limits is more dangerous than a nuclear bomb in the hands of a child.

When you know how much everything means to you, then you will know how much you are willing to let go to get that small luxury that you have been longing for.

Methinks we take life too seriously…But I also know that a crop of our generation; the YOLO generation, takes life too lightly.
In our endeavours to better our  lives we do not care about the ripple effect.

What is the ripple effect you may ask… Every action has a reaction that causes another reaction that in turn causes another reaction… all the way back to the original action. Yes, I know it has indeed been said to you over and over but I will say it again, Everything you do, will affect someone’s life, whether directly or indirectly and everything you do will come back to you. Directly.

It’s sort of like the man who woke up one morning and decided to clean out his lawn… it was full of leaves and polythene bags and trash from several weeks ago. He was prompted by the sight of his neighbor’s lawn that was meticulously done and neat, the grass short enough and green enough, the edges pruned and the sides swept.

He went to work, he swept and raked and mowed and did everything he needed to do. In the end, he collected all of the garbage bags and put them as the front gate to await collection. However when he went back to the house, he saw the oile outside the gate and was not satisfied, being late in the evening, he gathered himself, took the bags and damped them at his neighbours lawn hoping no one will notice.

He got what he wanted, a clean and neat lawn.
His neighbour, however, might not be too pleased, but Oh well… (That is typical of our YOLO generation)

Seriously though, the line between complusive disorders, insanity, and ambition is very thin. It’s called Limit.

Know your Limits… Always…In all situations. Know what you are willing to lose for that gain, know who you are willing to annoy for that truth to be out and always, for heavens sake, Apply those limits.



Accept My Apologies,




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