The Power of Prayer…

I wanted my first post on January 2013 to be about this awesome wedding that I missed sometime last year.My Friend Eric married Jackie in a beautiful bumblebee wedding and I missed it!

It so happened that I could not fully download the kind of photos that i required for the kind of post i have in mind… Hence i have put up a photo that will give you an idea of that beautiful wedding as i continue my hunt for the photos i require.


Anyway this year I have been a very poor blogger with little time in my hands and many things happening very fast. Yep… even for me! I know a few people who would absolutely frown at my statement… but it is true…even I get ‘shocked’ at the speed of life sometimes.

I will have you all know that I did not intend for this to be a spiritual blog, in fact, honestly when i started this blog that was the farthest thing from my mind, but…and here is where you need to put your spectacles on and read carefully, BUT,  I NEED TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE POWER OF PRAYER.

Prayer is powerful, and you all need to know that… embrace it and practise it. Prayer with Faith is as powerful as the currency of power in any country!

You just please God so much into opening up doors for you…

Watch this space for the blog on my friend’s wedding, you guys are gonna be happy :- and watch this space for more smiley blogs…


With Tons of Amour,



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