There yet Could be Some Hope

I might just sleep tonight!

I met (virtually) some very interesting people, people who can objectively debate without getting all rough and personal.(I met the opposite too, but really they did not leave a mark)

A debate on political matters, political parties and political leaders.
All this without the throw of an unkind word or a hit below the belt!

It got me thinking, what sets them apart?(Considering just a few hours before I was engaged with those of the opposite ilk)

What makes them cool calm and collected even when they are discussing the hottest issue in the country now?

Choice? Character? Intelligence?

Whatever it is, is it genetic? Is it nature or nurture?

Methinks its Nurture. Its a blend of choice and intelligence! We shape our characters with a choice to behave in a specific way and the intelligence to make that choice!

I now know that all is not grim. There is hope after all!
The outlook might not be that bright, but we (my country) need men like this.

Men who dare to be different!



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