Indiana Jones Movie You Say? You Gat Jokes…

Anyone ever watched the Indiana Jones movie where children are put in some cages and lowered slowly into a furnace and when being lowered some bad man would rip out their hearts off their little chests…? Anyone? No?

Ok maybe I just had a bad dream?
Either way I know I did not see past that scene, because my little brain at that time thought that was the worst possible pain a human being could ever be subjected to.

If someone told me what I know now, that that, that imagined pain, is NOT the worst pain in the world, I would have laughed in their face and have them committed into a mental institution. Because at least in this Indiana Jones movie’s case when the heart is ripped out, you die.

Imagine if the heart was ripped out, and you still live, then its beaten flogged and trampled on, and you still are alive…Live right through it… With your heart hanging off your body and is connected to you by some bloody shreds, and then its left all bloody all over the floor…

And you shut your eyes, knowing, finally the end is here…

But alas you still there,alive, albeit barely, but alive nonetheless, and you have to pick the meaty pieces of your heart from all over the floor, pick them all up, piece them together, carefully so that you don’t cause any more permanent damage… As if!

And then stuff it back into your chest and sew it up… After you are done, you take a long cold shower and move on…
With a smile on your face, no sign of a wince… Because the rest of the world just doesn’t give a fuck!

Indiana Jones movie might have been scary to a pre-teens me, but that shit has nothing on reality!

Absolutely Nothing!!!



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