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Despite being alone in that location, the tree blossoms, the green flourishes… all because it chooses to focus on the sun that is its nourishment and gives shade to those weary…
Lesson Learnt: dont peg your happiness on numbers…peg it on your ability to use your situation to make others happy

While taking a drive in the interior of the Kenyan Coast province I came across this lonesome tree pictured above. It stood tall and gracious despite the harsh conditions of the area in which it grows. Behind it there is a foot path and apparently people usually take a  rest under it after a long walk. People from this area are not privileged enough to afford transport from one town to another, they have to walk. Hence this tree offers a shade to many people.

Yet this tree caught my attention. I had to stop by the side of the road and take a photo of it. I even walked to it and had a closer look at it. There was something about this tree. I took a photo so that I may later have a good look at it..

It’s not a special tree…nope its not. Its a simple mango tree. But for a reason, I kept this photo. Sometimes while going through my phone Istop by it and wonder what it is that drew me to it.

And Friday while I was looking at it I realised there are some things in life that we NEED and those are the things that reallymatter to us. The things we want only go to make us ‘feel’ happy but if we have the things we need and we appreciate those things then we become really happy.

This tree might think that  it would feel much happier to have others around it or to have someone pour water to its roots every sunrise, e.t.c. And yet it is actually picturesque and beautiful to a passerby like me and Godsent to those who so need its shade.

What the tree doesnt know is that all it needs is sunshine and the limited rain drops that is the condition of the area to blossom and even bear fruit.

And so Friday morning while in the office I thought, why am not myself this day? Is it because of the many issues that surround me?  Do those issues define me? No? Really… No! Then I challenged myself to be happy, to draw out all my positivity, the nature of me that makes me tick…And I did…And the result? Bliss….

I told my self, ” Self, This weekend throw out Miss Negative and make suweet suweet love to Mr. Positive…”. And I did just that…

Here are the lessons I learnt this past weekend

  1. Family is important; the joy of knowing where your family is and how they are doing is just great. But getting a visit from your lovely sister that you so dearly missed is even better…always….
  2. That it does not matter what you have been through or how tumultuous your times have been, being in the company of people who love you makes it all fade…
  3. Laughter is indeed the best medicine…
  4. There is NOTHING like too much sex… Nope…Never…. And Sex is a good thing people…it is!
  5. Lastly and why I chose to write this piece… positive thoughts attract positive energy which then attracts positive things to your life

God knows how I can sulk and be unhappy… negativity draws out my strength and uses it all up and renders me weak to be consumed by hate, jealousy, unforgiveness… it brings out the worst in me. Funny thing is instead of kicking it in the curb I suppress it and it goes ahead to eat at my health, and before I know it I have an ailment which can range from a small headache to an asthma attack.

Growing up everyone used to say to me, “Baby Girl why do you like laughing so much?”,Or the classic question “Do you ever get mad?”, I never understood why until just the last weekend; You see  it’s my body’s way of making me healthy. I smile much, laugh often and loud and I forgive easy… I also shun negative people and talk not in their presence and recant all negative reports whether consciously or sub consciously.

So going back to the weekend, given my last two weeks of negativity (will have you know some of it came from quarters that should ideally not affect me as much) this weekend I purposed to rather than suppress, I will exalt my most active positive nature. So I started with the laughing, the joking and polished my sexuality…. Lets just say it paid…in a big way…in all ways…

So going forward, other than the necessary things to worry about, I will not worry about other people’s intelligence or lack of and closer home I will not worry much about the tomorrow. The NOW I have, I LOVE. And the NOW I have is POSITIVE and that NOW is what makes me glow…

Have a positive day my people…




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