The Reverse Bitch Dependency Syndrome

Tom Dubois: Uh, what’s going on, guys?
A Pimp Named Slickback: Mr. Dubois, my name is A Pimp Named Slickback, sir, and this is an intervention.
Tom Dubois: An intervention?
A Pimp Named Slickback: Your friends have reason to believe that you are suffering from Chronic Bitch Dependency, Mr. Dubois. May I call you Tom?
Tom Dubois: Is this some kind of joke?
A Pimp Named Slickback: Tom, Bitch Dependency is no laughing matter. Addiction to a bitch can fuck with your friends, your health, and, scary enough, even your money. It’s a disease, Tom

~“The Boondocks: Tom, Sarah and Usher (#2.2)” (2007)

The whole reason man exists to date is his ability to commune with others. All men (loosely meaning human beings) need companionship. And that’s where the family unit came in because a man and a woman decide they can handle each other’s bullshit [take it back, most times they do not decide, they assume]. They always think that what is broken now can be fixed at a late date once the union has been registered by the state. Wrong move I tell you.

When a man is anything over twenty the man is a fully grown ass man. All the habits he currently possesses, has taken him a little over 17 years to polish. They say human beings remember stuff from when they are 3 years old. So a 20 year old man has a memory of 17 years. Do the math darling…

Women there is little change you can institute on the man, if any. Hence if this man mistreats you he will only stop mistreating you when he gets too tired to do it. When a man tells you get out, don’t take it for a joke, the man wants you out there is no discussion that can change his mind, he might appear bought but honey, no… he just has no other choice. If the man does not care about you, he will not start giving two shits just because you bore him a baby. The baby is his blood relative not you!

There are women who define themselves by their spouses. They cannot be independent in any way (and am not talking matters financial here). They see their beauty, their capabilities and most sadly their happiness only through their spouses. They beat up their self esteem subconsciously, and reduce themselves to nothingness just to fit in their spouse’s perception.

They do not define themselves as able to function independently; they have to be in supportive relationships to be able to manage their lives. They would jump from one man to the next without giving themselves time to heal. It is in this accord that they will allow mistreatment, they will make compromises that make no sense and finally they will take in all the bullshit they can.

Sometimes people snap from The Reverse Bitch Dependency Syndrome (TRBDS) also known as Dependency Personality Disorder – by the way it is a real psychological disorder. Most times a little too late.

Diagnose yourself…do you have the TRBDS? Common symptoms for a very minor case are;

  1. Making Excuses for our spouse’s misbehavior
  2. Allowing yourself to be someone’s punch bag
  3. Ability to jump from man to another (forming ‘serious’ relationships)
  4. Not being able to think of your life without the man
  5. Comfort zones – Explicit or otherwise.

So, yes, the Bitch Dependency Syndrome is real. And it attacks women too, mostly. He only way one can get out of it is to face themselves. When you accept that you have a problem you naturally tend to find ways of solving it.

When you keep making excuses for your problem then you will keep suffering from The Reverse Bitch Dependency Syndrome.


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