I found myself questioning my very existence!

Have you ever questioned your existence? Your livelihood? Your means? And our future?

I have. Most recently being yesterday. Yesternight to be precise.

Let me tell you what happened yesterday.  I had an opportunity to see with my own eyes and touch with my delicate fingers a baby like this one right here (pictured above), In the flesh (metal that is). Belongs to someone I know.

If you are still wondering what it is, it’s a Mercedes-Benz C63 AGM. I was in awe… Complete and utter awe… How people own such things is beyond me…(not in a negative way by the way, just a wonderful way)

You see even if you decided to give me this car, I will not be able to maintain it. the consumption of this car is above my means…truth is my means are not anyones gauge, my means are way down there… 1500cc engine Toyota means 😀

To be honest it’s not the first time I have seen this particular car, it’s just that this time I saw it up close and candid. I got to get in and the dashboard looks like it can take a command and brew you a cup of coffee.

Do not be fooled it IS all that and a bag of chips.

Recurrent Numbers

The numbers around the maintenance of this car are staggering… you know, the service ( and I have to mention that the car was well maintained, looked brand new when in fact it’s a 2008 car)

In perspective I think should my friend decide to give me all that he has spent on this car I might be able to get myself a nice cool Toyota 😀

For instance he said his car would need 8 spark plugs. Each spark plug goes for the Equivalent of USD1000 in KES. So he needs USD8000 to replace the spark plugs…

I am still in awe… and not just because of the beauty of this car or the amount of money it must cost him, but also because someone can afford to have such a car for these our roads. You need to do the Mombasa – Mazeras Road to know what am talking about.

If I owned this car I would be CARRYING it to work…

But I always say should you make enough money to afford such a car why not?

Given all this am still strangely drawn to the Range Rover Evoque. OK the reason may be I do not want to make so many general requests to God, I want to be specific and the last detail. I will still get me a Range Rover Evoque. And I will be happy jumping on to it every morning to work.

You remember what I told you before? about the Evoque?



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