Lessons from the unborn…

My pal once updated her facebook profile that she is helping God with a miracle through childbirth.

It is true.

Women are Gods portal to bringing forth more human beings… Do you think He ever thought to make humans grow on trees? Or laid as eggs? He wanted some way that for the first years of the human being they will have someone totally responsible for them, one that can give their life for them and what better way than choosing the woman who takes to caring for the human from conception?

The purpose of this post is not to preach…it’s to appreciate the whole being pregnant thing…from an outsider’s point of view.

My good friend is 24 weeks pregnant. I have seen her grow from 61kgs to 74kgs. I have seen her from when the pregnancy was a possibility to the pregnancy being a reality. I accompanied her for an ultrasound once and I shed some tears.

You actually see the baby and for every mothers heartbeat you see the little life form bounce up and down. And when the mother laughed (she was laughing at my being emotional) the baby did a complete jig inside.

The baby completely loves me – this I know, come on – quit with the judging hala!

Man that boy can kick a good one, he kicks when the tummy is rubbed, kicks when he wants some attention, kicks when hungry and kicks when he wants the mom to get on her feet 🙂

He grows every day and so does the mom, two months ago the tummy was a small manageable protrusion and now it’s a big pregnant tummy.

Thing is the mom has no way of knowing whether the baby is hungry or tired or sleepy or anything like that.  She is just the portal…

We all know that this baby will be spoilt; he has a number of aunties already who totally love him. Let me tell you why I love this particular baby…

He taught me a very important lesson, he taught me that nothing is permanent and he taught me that things change and when they do you have a choice to change with them or remain in the past. But mostly he taught me that family is not necessarily blood connected, giving people a chance can get you a connection even with an unborn baby…




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