RIP JB… You will be missed…

Shelby at 4 months in June ’08

Oh My has it been too long or what?

I really apologize for being an absentee blogger but life got the better of me.

I keep seeing interesting things that have to come straight into my blog…however i cannot keep track and having the memory of a drunken fool i forget immediately after the fact.

I think i should walk around with a notepad where in which I will record everything as and when it happens.

RIP JB Hope they treating you well. JB in his hey days June ’08

So since the last time we talked a lot has happened. I lost my cat. Remember the cat I mentioned as having numerous sexual partners and not staying put? He disappeared. I could not imagine the pain… I spent a whole morning looking around for him… it was not exciting.

Then a neighbor casually tells me, “well I think JB died”. I felt a big knot form in my throat. Did not know whether to cry or scream or just call out his name till he responds.

That day (and night) I was only too sad.

Meanwhile a very interesting thing has been happening. Earlier on the cat who begot Shelby and JB was mum’s.  My neighbor had mentioned she wanted a cat so in her third liter I took a kitten and gave it to my neighbor.

She named him Knife. So Knife and Shelby have always been friends. Recently especially since JB’s disappearance they seem to hang around each other quite often. Knife comes knocking for her and Shelby parades herself in the company of Knife. They walk and run and play together.

We are still debating as to whether or not they know they are family and if they are incestuous lovers.

this is my closure…

I loved you JB but God clearly needed a stubborn pet more…


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