Real Friends Dont Let Friends Audition for TPF Like This…

Do not miss any episode of TPF 5. I suspect this season we are really going to enjoy ourselves.
Admittedly the fun part just ended yesterday with Nairobi auditions. Dude!!! They were something else!!
Also if only we could have Kevin Mbugua as one of the judges, I think he was cool headed at the auditions

I spent the whole weekend being a busy body.

And No I did not go dancing in the rain mainly because Saturday was so sunny (when it does rain, be sure that I WILL strike that off my bucket list) and I decided to go shopping instead, ALONE. It was traumatizing… in the busy local market alone… you don’t even want your phone to ring lest someone grabs it…but I did get some stuff that someone will surely enjoy.

Also had my hair retouched, problem is in my current city it’s too hot to maintain my bob cut as my hair is too fine…it easily becomes wet as my scalp is prone to sweating. The hair was retouched , finally did meet up with my girlfriends, went home, made and had supper and sat down to watch THE GOOD WIFE.

I will definitely tell you a few lessons I learnt from that series there, in another post.

We ended up sleeping at 2:30am. It’s a very very captivating series.

So come Sunday we were late for service. Yeah I know that was so bad. And we will make up for it. And hence immediately after breakfast we went back to watching The Good Wife.

Another girlfriend joins us at 3pm, so we make lunch and sit to watch TV.

That’s when we remembered to watch the repeat of the previous night’s episode of American Idol.

It was a great episode I tell you. Joshua Ledet’s final performance of James Brown’s, It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World was off the hook. I was so moved emotionally, I cried. The link I have posted however is not the final performance… I could not get a hold of that one.

That boy has got talent, he can sing. I am looking forward to buying his music soon.

We switched channels so as to get some local news headlines and also catch up with our very own Tusker Project Fame. I have never laughed so much. There was this guy who decided to do a slow rendition of Billy Jean by MJ. He even changed the lyrics while at it. Had to clutch my ribs. Oh and don’t forget the guy – at this point, though, am not sure whether he was male or female – who did Thriller. I could not find this link…but as soon as I do I will edit it here pap! I did however find this and this and this very nice links that am sure you will absolutely love *smile*

Someone posted on Facebook that friends do not let you audition for TPF. Seriously this people cannot sing to save their lives and yet they go and audition; fully aware that the auditions will be televised nationwide? Am in awe!

Another way to look at it is well nothing should stand in the way of achieving your dreams, even if it’s the fact that a frog croaks better or the fact that you have no clue what you are doing…. Nothing really should stand in the way of you being a Star. These people completed my weekend…

Have a good week ahead my people! And don’t do anything to embarrass thyself.



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