Borrowing Solomon’s Prayer…

I have always wanted to know why people act the way they do. No seriously I have. It’s not like am all up in people’s business or something it’s just that sometimes I feel people lack that essential genetic makeup that makes them miss the stupid category by a small margin.

Kenya is a very beautiful country, with beautiful people. The diversity of the people from the north to the lakeside to the central mountains and all the way down to the coast is just pure genius. We have a whole load of natural resources, bright minds and beautiful geography.
Am sure you get my drift by now.

Sadly just as much as we have the awesome positives we also have a horribly huge collection of negatives. How, in all honesty, do people attack each other so as to keep a man-who cannot even pronounce their name-in power? How in heaven’s name would we want a society of segregation and the biggest paradox of all time; how do we end up voting the same people over and over again?

Allow me this one time to complain ostensibly about this here my country. I am proudly Kenyan yet some very dim-witted people want me to stand and say am proudly (insert tribe here). What the hell is this bull shit?

My education would have come to naught had I not been exposed to the different communities in this here my world! It’s the diversity that makes Kenya as beautiful as we sell it. Not the individual tribes and not individual persons.

Some of the best-looking people I know today are of a mixed parentage, Kikuyu and Taita, Kalenjin and Kikuyu, Kamba with Maasai, and oh Kisii with Mijikenda… its almost artistic how beautiful these people are. Now in God’s name how have we in our master grand plan of segregation planned to separate these people?

While people pray for money, oil, better economies etc all over Africa, I pray for one thing WISDOM.

This country, young and old, rich and poor, educated or otherwise, we need WISDOM.




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