Saturday..What is it about this day??

I did attend the wedding that I had nothing to wear to. Turns out I actually did. Finally decided to go with the dress and made sure to wear a sweater, a scarf and stockings to handle the low temperatures.

Traffic in the City of Nairobi was a menace. A monster is more like it. That my man, we will address him as The Mayor henceforth, was to join me for the wedding. He was stuck in traffic for 5 hours and ended up attending the evening party instead… how funny. Thank God they were all in the same neighborhood or I suspect someone would have been quite tight!

The wedding was superb with a rich purple as the day’s theme color and the bride and groom were all oh so radiant. Ah I really do love weddings.

So Saturday morning I had my brother in law come pick me up to go to Kiambu. The traffic was a pure fail, normally it takes 35 minutes to get to our destination but this time we spent 3 hrs on the road.

While in traffic I saw very many wedding convoys stuck in traffic. You see here in Kenya Saturdays are synonymous with celebrations so when someone is planning a party, a wedding heck even a funeral, Saturday is the most likely day to be picked. So a majority of weddings except the ones that the couple is Seventh Day Adventists or Muslims all take place on Saturdays.

So Saturday Kenya is a buzz with nuptials and all. Hence the roads are busy by default, now throw in some little rain, some muddy potholes and you have yourself one long and winding packing lot into and out of the City.

I think Kenyans need to restrategize how they do their wedding programs. A Kenyan decides to have the following program/plan;
10:30am – 11:30am – Church Service – BuruBuru Parish
12:00pm – 2:00pm – Photo Shoot at Windsor (??????)
2:30pm – 4:30pm – Cake cutting and reception – Karen Blixen

What? Would you not like to attend your own wedding? I mean this particular Saturday I can imagine weddings that went late into the night because the bridal party was ‘late’ from the photo session.

Simplicity is genius.

A friend mentioned how her wedding was all in one place, the church service, the photo shoot, the reception and evening party and I imagine it must have been a very good bargain on the one hand where time is concerned.

The Mayor thinks a small lunch for a maximum number of 35 attendees from both families with a marriage certificate from the AG’s Office should suffice as a ceremony. I agree. However I always wonder what would happen if I disagreed? Truth be told I could give him such a hard time. Could insist on being carried around in a Rolls Royce Stretch Limousine forget that I have no frigging idea whether one can be acquired/rented for the day and the going rate(which I presume would be an arm and a leg). Just to piss him off!

Maybe I should!

I also highly suspect that he is not about simplicity : – ) He is looking at his back pocket.



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