the epicenter…

Do you believe someone can have two or even three faces to them that integrate harmoniously to make a gelled version of the person?  Sort of like those three circles that are usually connected and have a common center which I would take the liberty of calling an epicenter.

The epicenter of you…your personality, what you have to offer the world… doesn’t matter what you have in the three individual circles, the epicenter is what matters. Without it the circles are not whole and neither are they circles to begin with.

They are instead a horrible fraction of the circle. We nurture the epicenter; its not the epicenter that nurtures us.

Many of the people I am fortunate to spend time with always say I have this confidence about me… I mean when you meet me at first glance you would think am loud and always happy. That is not to negate the fact that indeed I am voiced. I voice my opinion and I back it up with facts. (Circle 1)

While there are those who will swear by anything holy that I look harsh and unapproachable. (Circle 2) you see I never deny any of these conclusions because where the situation calls for it I WILL BE harsh or loud. I believe in being appropriate, wearing a dinner dress for a dinner party and not a baby’s birthday, or wearing trainers to the gym and not the night club. Am sure you get my drift…. I really don’t want to start on appropriate for fashion…that be another blog for another day.

My epicenter is probably a blend of those two and another that I really do not care to mention. Because,   after a while of getting to know me you get to see the epicenter manifested.

Sometimes you meet someone, slowly but surely, bordering to the obnoxious because he wants to show he has a brain muscle working towards a given subject but in all honesty all he goes to prove is his ignorance in the subject.

Whenever people, who are more experienced about a certain subject, are talking, I strongly believe one should be quiet and keep their ignorance well hidden, well in my case it will probably be under my Egyptian scarf – and I must say the colors pretty much hide the dullness…every pun intended.

What happened to the saying that one should only speak as much as he can prove or back up? When men of few words were attractive and when the world did summersaults to accommodate the ones willing to learn?

Believe you me, in my lifetime I have met many kinds of people;

  • Those who know and know that they know and want the world to know that they know
  • Those who know absolutely nothing but believe to know everything and want the world to know  the ‘nothing’ they know
  • Those who know but believe they still have more room to know
  • Those who do not know but are willing to know
  • Those who know and are willing to impart on those who do not know.

We should be able to place ourselves in the right bullet; because that bullet summarizes our epicenter and our outlook to the world.

Beautiful Weekend My People!



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