Naomba Sirikal…

So I received a text from one of my not-so-very-sane friends in the morning. He wrote, “What the hell did you do now, can you see how mad he is now? Now look my house is shaking”

Of course in my sleep I ignored the text and called him in the morning on my way to work to find out what his problem was, he then tells me that there was a mini earthquake in Nairobi which must be a result of me angering the Gods, of course that made me laugh.

After the phone call I kept thinking how someone can be so funny , and I silently blessed him. But then I also  woke up in such a good mood, had a good time in the morning, and I was sure that the Gods were smiling at me. I have been favored.

Anyway in my happy thoughts session, I kept getting a whiff of some very bad smell every one or two minutes which went a long way in totally disarranging my thoughts! I mean it was the smell of sweat mixed with yesterdays sweat! Harufu ya nguru. M-bithi tena. Unbelievable! it was early morning, 07:45am to be precise.

Curiosity got the best of me and I turned to see a man around 33-35 years old, very smartly dressed in a pink shirt with gold colored cufflinks, black pleat-less pants, black fyatu fyang’ara pia and he spotted a very good watch, seriously a very good watch. Needless to say I was shocked that this was the source of the very bad smell!!!! Whats more shocking? The man was spotting a wedding ring!!!!

What’s the big deal you say?

How can such a young handsome (by one definition) man with a sense of style (he had pulled the pink well) not recognize this City for the mess it is when it comes to the weather- hot and humid? Yaani could he not sell his watch and buy some roll on or deodorant stick if not a designer perfume? Even worse which woman would let his man perambulate this our city smelling like a garbage truck? This should be illegal, it’s a travesty!

I played different scenarios how a man could live without so much as a deo stick, I almost missed my stop.

I hope he sees the light.

Because good looks and a bad body odour do not reconcile. No they do not. Infact NEMA should introduce a law against it and then the government should remove all taxes on deo sticks, sprays, roll ons and splashes and then, for my own selfish reasons, some designer perfumes and fragrances.

Naomba Sirikal…



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