Its Friday! Uuuum Cool!

Its Friday Yaaay!

Most times I celebrate when Friday comes really with no particular reason! Its not like I have plans or anything…
This particular Friday though is different, I need it to come and go! I need Saturday to also pass me by as if am high on some controlled substance!

Talking of controlled substances or drugs, why hasn’t anyone in Kenya thought to declare alcohol illegal? I mean every other day some peeps die of alcohol consumption, others are given a good beating by their significant others to a point of having their important appendages maimed!!! But why do we still sell alcohol?

Let me tell you why, its because we totally are suckers for punishment! We love things and issues that are unending!
And also because alcohol makes people see things ‘clearly’ and what’s a party without alcohol anyways?

So where was I? Ah Oh Fridays… In the Middle East Friday is a holiday and Saturday. But Sunday is a business day, Oh how can I survive without my Sunday?

I guess I should be celebrating Sundays, not Fridays!

My Four and a half years old cat is suffering from a sickness only known to the cat god if there is one! He is sick and frail and makes me sad, somehow I blame him for being sick! I know that sounds bad but had he listened to me and not gone out of the house for ‘rendezvous’ with the village cats he probable would be safe and sound as his sister is! If he had not found the need to sneak out of the house and go God knows where for months on end he probably would be A OK! But Noooo!!! The kitty thought it was an adult and had no need to listen to me… Now look at what has happened!

Moral of the Story: Am always right!!!

Nice weekend my people!!



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  1. Reginah njoroge said,

    PMpFri, 13 Apr 2012 15:15:31 +000015Friday 17, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    😉 have a nice one too


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